Get A Perfect Body From A Skinny One In A Week


If you are a thin and skinny girl, you know the embarrassment of being taunted by your friends for your structure. We highly recommend you not to feel disheartened or feel down for your size. Just be happy to think about those women who have to work hard in order to lose their weight or burn the extra calories. You are among those women who have the very opposite problem of the common women.

Here are the best nine tips that will help you in gaining weight with having a fatty body in a single week. Have a look.

1. First, we need to tell you that if you are planning to put on heavy weights for having a good body like men do, you are wrong. Female bodies are not naturally possessing hormones like men. The testosterone of men helps them in getting the muscular bodies by the hard exercise regime. Raw protein powder Australia will help you in getting some strength for your exercise regime.

2. You need to have at least five hundred calories a day and this intake should be increased up to one thousand calories. The extra amount of calories i.e. the five hundred calories will help you in gaining some pounds in one week.

3. Eat food – three course meals with five hours’ space in between each of the meals. Two or three snacks are must have in a day. Take them between the meals. Add healthy food in your diet chart like peanut butter, avocados, canola oil etc. to gain more weight. Avoid trans fats. Have raw protein powder in the breakfast with milk.

4. The complex carbohydrates are good to intake like the brown rice, whole grain breads etc.

5. Have your breakfast with the fresh fruits, vegetables and add two eggs in your breakfast. You can add the fruit juice in your breakfast chart too. Nuts, dates, banana, or other ripe fruits with high calorie will be the best options for you.

6. Drink water after your meals while waiting at least ten minutes. Never have water before your meals. They will affect your hunger.

7. The alcoholic drinks with least amount of nutrition will be a negative one for your health.

8. Resistance training is always good for skinny body. Weight training to some limited extent is good for your health. This will add some extra pounds to your body.

9. Avoid the aerobics exercises like cycling, running, as they will reduce your weight, than helping in gaining them. Choose the compound movements for yourself.